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Women’s Wellness Celebration

Providing a full slate of inspiring programs that help women make positive mental health choices for themselves and their families.


Each year, hundreds of women attend the Women’s Wellness Celebration (WWC®), an annual, not-for-profit conference designed to inspire and empower women within the community to take positive steps to improve their own lives. Achieving personal mental health is an essential first step in improving the lives of their children, their families, and communities.

At the ARDX Foundation, we understand that emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual wellness are deeply intertwined. Mental health moves from possibility to reality when all aspects of our lives are in balance. Through seminars and breakout sessions (also known as “breakthrough” sessions), our volunteers provide women with training, education, and practical tools that help them understand the impact of healthy mindsets, healthy eating and exercise, financial management, and other habits on the future of their families and neighborhoods.

Each year, the ARDX Foundation also invites local seniors to attend this inspiring conference at no cost.

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