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Our Story

At ARDX Foundation, our goal is to shine a light on the importance of mental wellness, serving as advocates, partners, educators, mentors, and change agents.

We believe in improving the emotional health and wellbeing of all persons, especially those from under-resourced communities.

We believe the foundation of our Nation’s economy is small businesses, whose owners, employees, and families have been drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. ARDX Foundation aims to expand our focus and provide support to include small businesses, specifically those whose owners represent vulnerable populations, women, and minorities.

AND ……… We are committed to creating initiatives, programs, and resources that help transform entrepreneurs and business owners as another component of their roles as women making a difference within their communities and families while also enabling them to act upon their own mental wellness as a top priority.

The ARDX Foundation is inspired by the work of ARDX President and CEO Angela D. Reddix, a strong advocate for and the founder of numerous community outreach programs.

Our Focus

The ARDX Foundation focuses on all aspects of self-care and personal and professional improvement to achieve mental wellness for women and their families.

Mental wellness incorporates education and support in addressing many domains of mental health such as depression, suicide, and substance abuse, along with situations and needs related to resilience, personal strength, financial management, family growth, and support.

As our nation returns to new work and home balance shifts, ARDX Foundation has similarly shifted to meet the stress and anxiety small business owners, their staff, and families face during unprecedented times. ARDX
Foundations’ FOCUS remains on mental wellness with additional focus supporting these unmet needs of small businesses.

Our Impact

  • Raise the awareness of mental wellness disparities across vulnerable and minority populations, women and their families, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. This goal is established through the following objectives:
  • Develop grass roots initiatives for creating awareness including local, state, national, and international audiences as part of messaging and program development.
  • Establish and provide educational programs focused on the drivers of mental health conditions and seeking care as well as self-care.
  • Establish and provide educational programs focused on mental wellness that includes awareness, knowledge, and tools for optimum physical and behavioral health.

Integrate and collaborate with local, regional and national resources, and organizations to achieve the goals and objectives of the ARDX Foundations.