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Mental Health Awareness & Minority Mental Health Awareness

What’s the importance of Mental Health Awareness? Mental health awareness is the ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions by sharing our personal experiences. Often, because of misconceptions about mental health and mental fitness, people often suffer in silence and their conditions go untreated.

What is Minority Mental Health Awareness? National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each July to bring awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States.

According to, “minorities are less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for their mental illness, have less access to mental health services, and often receive a poorer quality of mental health care?”

To bring awareness to these disparities, the ARDX Foundation® shared an awareness video to celebrate the National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and bring light to some of the challenges that minorities face when dealing with mental health issues this July of 2022.

ARDX Foundation® National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Virtual Video:

Minority Mental Health Awareness web image

Topics covered in the video:

  • The National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 in July, ‘Beyond the Numbers’
  • Founder and history of the National Mental Health Awareness Month, Bebe Moore Campbell
    • Author of 72 Hour Hold where she advocated in a national campaign to destigmatize mental illness, especially targeted toward African Americans
  • Minority Mental Health Awareness
    • Disparities, Stigmas, and Statistics including: COVID 19 impact, LGBTQ+, Black adults, Native AMerican, Hispanic, and Asian adults
    • Family & Community Goals, Early Identification, Intervention, Caregivers resources
  • BIPOC Mental Health Awareness
    • What does BIPOC stand for? Black Indigenous, and People of Color
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Minority Mental Health Facts

Some of the Mental Health Resources & Reference Links found in the video:

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